Latest Fishing Report

Wow how things have changed!  The bite is back on and there are plenty of options for anglers.  The redfish are chewing around the mangrove shorelines and oyster bars.  Shrimp under popping corks and cut ladyfish will work best.  Fish these areas on the higher water tides and look for bird or baitfish in the area.  Snook are making their ways towards the creeks and rivers but are still feeding.  Free lined whitebaits or shrimp around the floating docks is the ticket.  Good moving tides seem to be the best option for them as well.  Angers will also pick up jacks and ladfish with this set-up.  Anglers can also start to fish the dock pilings, oyster bars and deeper mangroves for sheepshead.  They are making their cooler temps migration and looking for food.  Shrimp tipped jig heads will work fine.  Just remember to downsize your leader and hook for better hook-up ratio.  

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