Latest Fishing Report

The past week proved a little difficult for some anglers but those putting in the time found a good variety.  Sheepshead are really starting to stack up in their cooler water locations and shrimp tipped jig heads or +1 circle hooks with #3 split shot will work best.  Mangrove edges, dock pilings, and oyster bars is where they are hanging out.  Anglers will also pick up plenty of snapper with this set-up.  Seatrout are starting to show over the grass flats in 2-4 feet of water.  Fish near the passes where the water is cleaner and moving better with the tides.  Shrimp under popping corks is the ticket to locating them and catching them.  Ladyfish are a by-catch but that is ok as they can be used as cut bait for redfish.   The mangrove islands and oyster bars on higher water are holding these fish.  Cut bait on 2/0 circle hooks and shrimp tipped jig heads are the go to set-up.

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