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Do you ever wonder where boats get their names from? I know I do. I have seen some interesting names when I have been out on the water or just driving around town. Some of the more intriguing boat names I have noticed are: DON’T SINK; ISN’T SHE GRAND; KNOT “N” TROUBLE; FISH ON; and my all time favorite, THE MONEY PIT. I’m sure all those names have a special meaning to the individual owner in one way or another. That is the point when someone names a boat, they generally connect a meaning to it and hope others can relate. Naming a boat is not as easy as it seems, you want the name to be catchy (no pun intended) but not too overwhelming.

About the same time I was thinking about a name for my backcountry fishing business my mother was diagnosed with cancer, Multiple Myeloma, a rare type of bone cancer. From that point on I knew I would name my boat and business, “CATCHING THE CURE.” It was then and there that I knew what my business was going to be for, finding a cure for this terrible disease. At that point I decided a percentage of my yearly earnings would go to the Multiple Myeloma Cancer Research Fund to help find a cure for this disease. Every time I booked a trip, every time I wrote a business check, every time I put on a fishing shirt or even looked at my boat, I would think about my mother and her battle with cancer. My mother fought the cancer for almost three years, but unfortunately, the cancer won in 2005. To this day they are still searching for a cure, and I know with every fishing trip there is hope. I also know that when someone asks me why I named my business CATCHING THE CURE I am raising awareness about this disease.

Each time I take a cancer survivor fishing or fish with an individual that is going through their own battle with cancer it reminds me of the special time we all have together. I can tell you that the many smiles, the looks on their faces, and the numerous friendships made over the years for individuals around the world has helped ease the burden of my mother. That is why CATCHING THE CURE has special meaning to me and my family. I can only hope that you can see that as well.

So next time you are driving down the road or are out on the water and see an interesting name on the side of someone’s boat, I hope you will take a moment and think “I wonder if there is hidden meaning?” If you are interested in fishing for the cause, or just fishing, I can be reached at 239-229-4705 or by e-mailing me at May everyone enjoy the fishing as much as I do. Screaming Drags!!!

For more information on Multiple Myeloma visit the official website at
Captain Jon Fetter