Latest Fishing Report

The bait is starting to show up along the beaches and normal nearshore locations, and this is giving anglers plenty of options regarding the fishing.  Snook are feeding on free lined whitbaits along the floating docks and mangrove edges near the passes.  Look for good moving water as this will help your chances.  The passes are holding spanish mackerel, ladyfish, small sharks, and the occasional pompano.  Bottom bouncing jig heads tipped with shrimp will work best.  If big game is what you are after the shark fishing in the nearshore waters is about as good as it gets.  Anchor up get out some chum and wait.  It might take them sometime to find your scent but when they do it is Game On!  There have been some big ones out there so beef up your tackle and try your hand at these toothy critters.  The tarpon are also starting to show up and free lining threadfin herrings might be the wa to go.  

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